Jenkins School of Motoring Ltd specialise in teaching novice road users with special care given to nervous and first time drivers (EDT). JSM also provides lessons to advanced and Pre-testers.

JSM takes pride in providing easy to follow step by step instruction tailored to every client’s needs along with a package of instruction material for each client. As every learner is unique and has different learning needs. JSM uses modern learning theories, to provide its clients with tuition modified to suit each client’s own preferred learning style. 

We also teach advanced Driving techniques including defensive driving and when possible snow driving. You can take parking lessons with Jenkins School of Motoring there is a lot of drivers that don't like or can't parallel park take one a hour Lesson with us and we can teach you the art of parallel parking. 

  • EDT Lessons
  • Pre-Test Lessons
  • Advanced Lessons
  • Parking Lessons