What is a Pre-test? A pretest is a mock test which will find out what your level of driving you at before you set your driving test. Here at Jenkins School of Motoring we would recommend that you take Pre-tests four to three weeks before your driving test date as this will give you time to work on any driving issue.

At the start of the Pre-test I will explain the marking system to you so you know what to expect for the test. I will show you the marking sheet and explain what the faults are and what can be a pass or failed test. The Pre-test is two hours long consisting of the first hour 50 minute test and ten minutes brief. Then the second hour is a teach lesson. I will supply radios to say in contact with you through the Pre-test.


Try to come to me at least three to four weeks before hand as this will allow us to correctly prepare you for your test. We should try to meet at the test centre (Tallaght Finglas and Wicklow) as this well allow you to gain experience and possible route knowledge. I will act as the examiner on the Pre-test as this will demonstrate what the actual day will be like. 


The brief will make clear what faults you have gained grade 1, 2, or 3 and how many in each category. And what you need to address before your test day. I will then supply you with a list of the most recent asked questions that come up in the theory part and go through the road signs but the best way to prepare is to Read the Rules of Road.


We will then go on to the second hour with the option of a demonstration ride on a possible test route with me given commentary. This will allow you to recognize and hear how you should ride. Then you will ride in front of me and try to improve on your last Ride. With me given you commentary about direction and possible mistakes you are making. This will help you to recognize faults that you can correct there and then. I will go through each manoeuvre (U-turn overtake and slow riding) so you can fix any error’s that occur. Apply for your Motorcycle Test here